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Guild News

Prince Hylas Down

Myrianne, May 4, 11 1:26 AM.
That there is a dead Prince Hylas.

Infiltrator and Oracle Down

Myrianne, Apr 30, 11 1:47 AM.
More dead things and shard firsts.

Duke Letareus Down

Myrianne, Apr 20, 11 1:20 AM.
Duke Letareus down, another shard first.  Whee!  We also did the shard first water raid that night, but apparently my screenshot button didn't want to work or something.

Akala and Air Raid Down

Myrianne, Apr 14, 11 10:00 PM.
A few days late, but here's another picture of us getting more shard firsts.  This time it was for Akala and the Air Raid Rift.  The screenshot is dead Akala.

More Server Firsts.... (yawn)

Myrianne, Apr 5, 11 10:19 PM.
Here's a random picture of us getting a shard first achievement on Baron, although we totally forgot to take a picture of our shard first baron kill a few weeks ago.

We then proceeded to knock out the shard first Life and Death Raid Rift kills, which I ALSO forgot to take pictures of, so just imagine a bunch of us standing around with more shard first spam in the chat box.

Clerics - 3 (heals and dps)
Rogues - 1 (ranged dps only)
Warriors - 1(dps only)
Mages - 2(dps only)

Level 50's only.
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